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This website is maintained by the Connecticut General Assembly's Office of Legislative (OLM) Management. All personal information collected on this website becomes the sole property of OLM, and will not be divulged or shared with any third parties*. No unsolicited communications shall be sent to email addresses collected on this website, and any subscriptions or other requests for information via email may be canceled at any time.

*Some of the services offered on this website, such as the Legislative Communications Center ("LCC"), require that information be passed along to other parties as determined by the user's selections. Other services provided on through third parties, including but not limited to Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google, JWPlayer and iTunes, are subject to their own privacy policies. Click here for a directory of links to Terms of Service/Privacy Policies of our 3rd party service providers. (aka is hosted by the CT General Assembly (CGA) and is therefore additionally subject to the CGA's policies which can be viewed here:

Related: Persons who download from our website are subject to our Electronic Media Download and Reuse Policy